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5-axis CNC machining is very popular in the oil and gas, automobile, aerospace, compressor processing, medical, robot, national defense, ship and alternative energy industries. This processing can be used when you want to process complex parts, require precision, improve productivity, improve finishing, multi-dimensional cutting and forming, small batch production, faster turnaround time, and other functions of processing workpieces through a single setting.

They are used in military products, nursing molds, machine parts, titanium parts, milling, artificial bones and other products. It is used for work areas that require a single step with the shortest lead time. It provides proper accessibility for cutting and forming of part geometry.

When you handle different materials, complex parts and considerable workload, this type of CNC machining is the best. This processing is continuous, faster, more direct, and has better results. For high quality and efficiency, this processing is the best choice.

Products from industries that benefit from 5-axis machining are usually used in highly specialized industries, where accuracy may mean the difference between life and death. Pharmaceutical, military, aerospace, petrochemical and other fields often use five axis machining to manufacture their customized parts:

Medical Parts

Medical parts and tools need to be designed accurately enough to ensure the perfect fit of components used for surgery or replacement of parts. Improper cutting or imperfect edges can make medical supplies unusable. This makes five axis machining the preferred way to create custom medical tools and components.

Automobile esign

Modern automobile is an equal part of electronic and mechanical miracles. In order to ensure the correct fit of the machine parts, a five axis machine can be used. In addition, smaller electrical enclosures and other components may require higher axis CNC machines.

Building Components

Architectural design is a huge puzzle in essence, in which all parts must perfectly cooperate with each other. A small mistake in the cutting of a component may make the design of the building far from its original intention, so that it cannot pass the inspection. The door frame is one of the building components that may require five axis machining to create.

Military Grade Products

Military products are perfect and defend the country. For vehicles, weapons and other products, consistency and accuracy are the highest requirements.

Petrochemical Industry Parts: Oil and gas components for drilling platforms and refineries usually have custom designs that require special machining to create. Since these parts are not available in stores, many petrochemical companies use CNC to process parts in their facilities.

Aerospace Components

The precision required by the aerospace industry for aircraft, rockets, satellites, etc. can directly affect human life. A poorly made part on a flying machine may prevent the system from working properly, resulting in a manufacturing defect that could lead to a crash.

Although five axis CNC machining machines are useful for the above applications, some of them can be achieved using a three axis machine and a suitable operator who is good at positioning the material and moving it to create cuts on different axes. Every time you need to create custom parts, a trained expert who chooses to use a three-axis machine can offer many advantages.