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cnc precision components
Driving System
Sibai can also provide many kinds of shafts to the transmission system, which is the power system that makes car generate driving force. It includes final drive, axle box, bearings, gears, bogie and so on.
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cnc precision machined components
Sensor Products
Sibai has produced a variety of sensor hardware accessories with precise dimensions, elegant appearance and good sealing air tightness.
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cnc precision machined parts
Laser Generators
Sibai has produced laser machining parts for many well-known Chinese laser companies, such as laser housings, water cooling plates, heat sinks, and various precision small-sized parts, such as QBH laser beam heads, fans cover, optical fiber outlet pipe, installation and fixing plate, core water-cooling parts, armored fixing parts, etc.
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precision cnc products
Medical Devices
Sibai has provided various high-precision and high-quality hardware accessories for a number of medical equipment customers.
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cnc precision parts
Precision Instruments
Sibai is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of customization. Sibai is your top choice about precision instruments business. We can offer a wide range of products to meet changing market needs.
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cnc machining precision parts
Sibai has complete equipment and mature technology, which can complete the whole processes for measuring instruments one-stop.
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