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Investment Casting Steel Advantages

For example, the pressure-resistant steel castings in the United States, the steel grades in ASTMA487/A487M are represented by groups and grades, which are widely used in well valves.

Steel grades in ASTM A389/A389M are indicated by letters and numbers, and are characterized by containing vanadium, which are used in steam turbine products.

German low alloy steel high strength alloy steel, such as: GS24Mn6. GS stands for carbon steel or low alloy steel.

Fusion weldable carbon steel castings for high temperature ASTMA216/A216M, WCA, WCB, WCO. The valve is the most widely used, with carbon content below 0.3% and Mn content below 1.00%, with good comprehensive mechanical properties and good welding performance.

Alloy steel and stainless steel ASTMA217/A217M for high temperature pressure vessels, including WC1, WC, WC, C12, C5, CA15, etc., low carbon content, CrMo part containing Ni, good mechanical properties at high temperature, poor welding performance than WCB, with Pressure vessels with temperatures above 420℃ are widely used in valves.

Alloys and stainless steels for low temperature pressure vessels ASTMA352/A352M has LCB, LC3, etc., with low carbon content, Ni, Mo, and some grades containing Cr with good low temperature (below -46℃) toughness, and are widely used in low temperature valves.

Austenitic, austenitic-ferritic stainless steel for pressure vessels, ASTM A351, A351M, ASTM, A890/A890M, with very low carbon content, high CrNi, and some with high Mo wear and corrosion resistance, has good mechanical properties, the grades are CF3, CF8, CF3M, CF8M, CD4MCn4A, 6A, etc. 

The above grades are international.

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Investment Casting Steel Advantages

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