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  • aluminium profile extrusion
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  • profile aluminium extrusion
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  • aluminium profile extrusion
  • al extrusion profile
  • profile aluminium extrusion
  • aluminium extrusion profile price

Aluminium Profile Extrusion

As an industrial material produced by extrusion process, aluminum profiles will have some difficulties in designing and opening molds, which will be a great challenge for factory's craftsmanship.

Difficulties In Designing And Opening Alum Extrusion Profiles

aluminium profile extrusion

The first difficulty lies in the tolerance.

The higher the dimensional tolerance requirements, the higher the difficulty. For example, the normal international standard, the high-precision 0.2 tolerance, if the tolerance is increased to 0.1 mm, then the difficulty is even more than doubled.

al extrusion profile

The second difficulty lies in the cavity.

The more the cavity of the profile, the denser and smaller. Then the punch of the die is more likely to be broken during extrusion. A few profiles have not been made, and the mold is broken. The complex and multi-cavity mold reflects the strength level of the factory. Not necessarily a large mold, the production difficulty is large. There are some large molds with a weight of 5-6 tons, but the difficulty is not high, but it requires a large-tonnage extruder. If the die-casting plant is not equipped with the corresponding machine, it cannot work out the big profile. This is not related to the complexity of the mold.

profile aluminium extrusion

The third difficulty lies in the wall thickness.

Different sizes of presses and the structure of the profiles will have different wall thicknesses for the profiles. For example, on a 5,000-ton pressure, the wall thickness may reach 0.5. Then on a 50,000-ton press, the wall thickness 0.5 is impossible. If the adjacent wall thicknesses too much gap, it is also a very big challenge for the manufacturer to produce the mold.

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