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  • cnc machine precision
  • cnc machine precision

Machining Service In Spraying And Nozzle

Spraying technology is a technology that consists of jet pumps, ejectors and nozzles, and is widely used in power, machinery, agriculture, water conservancy, electric power, textiles, food, surface spraying, environmental protection, aviation and aerospace industries.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Spraying And Nozzle

  • The theory of jet technology involves processes such as energy transfer, and chemical reaction of liquid, gas, solid and fluids.

  • Generally spraying systems include air spraying systems, fuel spraying systems, and some spraying systems for processing.

  • Another processes is to pulverize and remove the material by the impact force of liquid or solid particles ejected from the nozzle at high speed.

  • The blasting process generally includes liquid blasting, blasting, shot blasting, sand blasting, powder coating, and abrasive spraying.

  • The fuel spraying system mainly includes the components of control circuit, high-pressure nozzle, pressure regulator, fuel pump, high-pressure fuel pump, etc. The fuel spraying system is a device that directly injects fuel into the cylinder or intake port under a certain pressure to achieve fuel supply.

  • In an spraying system, high-pressure nozzle is very important. The quality and precision of high-pressure nozzle are the keys to the entire spraying technology. The design and production of high-pressure nozzles are equally important. According to different industrial needs, nozzles are designed with different structures and spray effects, with the spray pressure parameters, the service life and the surface roughness, which are all determined by the working efficiency of the nozzle.

  • Sibai can provide nozzles according to customer’s design. If you have needs on nozzles, please come to Sibai.

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