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Although the quality of Sibai is controlled by all the departments including sales, PMC, engineering, production, QC, and packaging, sometimes there are some cases causing customer complain. Sibai’s complaint rate of a whole year orders is within 0.5%.

In Sibai's order system, as long as the customer's requirements are not met, we will record it as a customer complaint. There are many reasons for customer complaints.

The more common situations of customer complaints are as follows:

  • Due to insufficient communication between Sibai and customer, and incomplete understanding of the customer's requirements, the delivered parts did not meet the customer's requirements.

  • When packing, we mixed defective products or confused similar workpieces, resulting in a discrepancy between the shipping packinglist and the actual delivery.

  • The color appearance after surface treatment is slightly different from the previous batch of delivery.

  • During transportation, due to unreasonable packaging or insufficient firmness of the packaging box, the goods collide during transportation and the workpieces are damaged.

No matter what kind of customer complaints, Sibai has the following steps to deal with customer complaints:

  1. We will solve the order delivery problems caused by customer complaints. If the workpieces are defective, we tell the customer to scrap them. Sibai will record this scrap in the ERP system.

  2. We will communicate with customer whether replenishment is required. If replenishment is required, we will make a replenishment list in ERP and reconfirm the delivery date with the customer. If the customer does not need to replenish the goods, Sibai will deduct the value of the scrapped goods from the order payment.

  3. With the corresponding item in the ERP system, we record the complaints in details (reason, quantity, value) and solution, so as to avoid the recurrence of the same or similar incidents in the future.

  4. We will then internally notify the relevant departments, and carry out internal accountability according to the Sibai management method.

  5. We will provide 8D report to customer. We should analyze the causes, and provide improvement or solution. Then we must clarify implement specific methods and specific responsible persons.

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