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Samplingis a necessary process before batch production of a new project. We need sampling to check the production according to drawing, and make the products that customers want, as well as the inspection standards for following mass production.

About sampling fee. If a customer places a sample order for an item, we need to charge the sample fee. If the customer places a batch order directly, we don't need to charge the sample fee in ahead.

Regarding the sample fee, we generally calculate the cost from these aspects.

  • Minimum material costs;

  • Costs for cutting tools;

  • Price for working hours for commissioning the machine;

  • Price for machining;

  • Costs for airfreight, for sample delivery;

  • other potential costs.

For machined samples, we generally need 3 to 10 days for proofing. If it is necessary to make a set of mold first, such as stamping, die-casting and other processes, we need 15-25 days to complete the mold, and then we work out samples.

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