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Sibai produced a lot of copper CNC parts for sensor products, laser products, and other electronics. The copper material is soft and sticky. It demands high machining skills to machine well. After machining, Sibai makes surface treatement, passivation or color galvanization to protect the surface from oxidation. 

Copper material sutable for CNC machining is various, such as E-Cu57 F25, CuSn6, CuSn6 R560, Cu/SF CW024A. 

Types of Copper Machining Processes

Benefits of Sibai Copper Machining Processes

Benefits of Sibai Copper Machining Processes

  • Before processing copper parts, Sibai will make strict material selection and testing to ensure that the purity of copper is above 99.99%, thus ensuring the original characteristics of the copper grades.

  • Sibai is equipped with high-precision CNC machines and tools, which can be finely adjusted to the appropriate feed and speed, as well as special coolant to prevent high heat and high pressure from deforming the copper workpiece, so as to obtain accurate dimensions and good surface quality.

  • When the copper workpiece is machined, Sibai can quickly provide various surface treatments to the workpiece, to prevent it from being oxidized and corroded by long-term exposure to air.

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