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Machining Service In Sensor Industry

Sensor is an important technical basis for the new technology revolution and information society, and is extremely important high-tech in today's world. Almost all modern instruments and equipment are inseparable from sensors. It is a flourishing modern technology, involving micromechanics and microelectronics technology, computer technology, signal processing technology, circuits and systems, sensing technology, neural network technology and fuzzy control theory and other disciplines.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Sensor Product

  • Sensor is composed of four parts: sensitive element, conversion element, conversion circuit and auxiliary power supply. It converts physical or chemical quantities into electrical signals that are easy to use, that is, converts input variables into signals that can be measured, and is a pre-component in the measurement system.

  • Sensor is considered to be "sense organs" of a machine. Humans use their sense organs to obtain information from the outside world. Similarly, machines use sensors to study natural phenomena and production and life. Sensor has multiple functions, such as miniaturization, digitization and intelligence, and can complete multiple requirements such as data-transmission, processing, storage, display, recording, and control. Different kinds of sensors can handle a wide variety of situations. It is the first link to realize automation and is used in all aspects of work and life.

  • Sensors are mainly used in industrial production, space development, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resource survey, medical diagnosis, biological engineering and even cultural relics protection. Almost every modern project, from space to ocean to various complex engineering systems, sensor is unavoidably necessary.

  • Sibai has produced a variety of sensor hardware accessories with precise dimensions, elegant appearance and good sealing air tightness. Generally, CNC lathes and CNC machiningcenters are used for production, and materials can be customized. Sibai strictly implements product quality standards to prevent the outflow of unqualified products. Over the years, Sibai has won the trust and praise from customers with preferential prices, confirmed delivery, and services. With the development of society, we will work harder to provide customers with reliable and stable products and a full range of professional services.

  • Welcome to you with your questions. We are willing to work together with you to seek common development and create brilliance together.

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