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Machining Service In Industrial Camera

The industrial camera is a high-resolution color digital camera suitable for applications in many fields such as intelligent transportation, security checkpoints, high-definition electronic police systems, industrial inspection, semiconductor inspection, printed board inspection, food and beverage inspection, etc. In recent years, it has been widely used in both industrial testing and people's livelihood. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed, good color reproduction and clear imaging.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Industrial Cameras

  • An industrial camera is a key component in a machine vision system. Its working principle is to convert optical image signals into electrical signals for storage or transmission, and it can also create reports.

  • In addition to the function of recording images, industrial cameras can also inspect temperature and humidity.

  • Therefore, industrial cameras are high-precision optical products. Its structure includes five parts: industrial camera, industrial lens, light source, display and mounting bracket.

  • The camera body and bracket parts are mainly produced by CNC machining process. The production material is mainly 6000 series aluminum. The surface is generally black, which is from black matt anodizing. For machining, the requirements for size, appearance and surface treatment are very critical.

  • Sibai has produced a large number of these optical products, including those parts for industrial cameras.

  • We have rich experience on this kind of Camera components. If you have production needs for industrial cameras, please contact me for a quote. Thanks.

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