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  • wood laser cutter
  • wood laser cutter

Machining Service In Illumination

The lighting system is a system based on providing lighting. The lighting system includes a natural light lighting system, an artificial lighting system and a system formed by combining the two. It is a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control and remote communication control system composed of technologies such as computer, wireless communication data transmission, computer intelligent information processing, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology and energy-saving electrical control. Through these, the lighting system can realize the safety, energy saving, convenience, comfort and artistry of lighting applications.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Illumination

  • Sibai gets consistant trust from the lighting system customers these years. Sibai provide hundreds of lamp housings and end caps with good quality. The key of these lighting system parts are the visible surface. Almost all of these lamp housings are used for Premium hotel. So, the visible surface of these lamp housing must be perfect.

  • Sibai adopts the EN AW Aluminum 6063 to do these housing. To protect the visible surface well, Sibai do sandblasted, nature anodized and silver for these housing lamps. Sometimes, Sibai also do black, blue and red anodized according to customers’ need. Generally we use bar raw material to do these lamp housing. The dimension of these lamp housing are from φ24mm*42mm to φ120mm*6.5mm. If these lamp housings are assembly parts, Sibai will assembly these parts together before delivery.

  • Another important is to pack these parts very carefully before delivery. To protect the visible surface well, we pack these parts one by one. In these way, all these parts are in good condition after customers receive them.

  • Sibai also provides hundreds of end caps for lighting system customers. We use plate material EN AW Aluminum 7075 to provide these kind of end caps. The surfaces are also sandblasted and nature anodized. To support our customers special requirements, we usually packing these end caps according to customers’ special requirements. For example, we put 2 pcs of end cap and 7 pcs of assembling screws into one plastic bag. It will take a lot of time to pack these assembly parts, but Sibai is glad to do anything to support customers.

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