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  • metal bending
  • sheet metal banding
  • sheet metal bending company
  • metal bending
  • sheet metal banding
  • sheet metal bending company

Metal Bending

For sheet metal processing, in addition to laser cutting and stamping, Sibai is also equipped with 2 CNC bending machines. 

The brand of CNC bending machine tool is Guangzhou JIEMAI. The tonnage is 40 tons. The maximam length of workpiece it can process is 1500mm.

Bending is mainly used for sheet metal processing parts, bu there are also some machined parts that need the bending process. 

Bending is a common auxiliary process.

Selecting Appropriate Bending Tools

sheet metal banding

The press brake tools for the bending machine are also divided into upper and lower tools. Generally, the upper tools include large curved tools, small curved tools, arc tools, straight sharp tools, elbow tools, etc., and are equally divided into different angles. There are different heights of the dies.

sheet metal bending company

The lower dies generally have double V and single V tools, which also have different angles and heights. Like the upper die, there are flattening lower tool, break lower tools and clamping tools.

For example, the machete is suitable for folding small N folds, the straight-end machete is suitable for folding symmetrical basket shapes, and the arc tool is used for folding inner R arcs.

Bending Services Video

CNC Metal Bending Gallery
metal bending company
metal bending company
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