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  • aluminum cnc machining parts

Machining Service In Laser Generators

Laser processing technology is a technology that uses the characteristics of the interaction between laser beams and substances to cut, weld, surface treat, punch metal and non-metal material, and use them as light sources to identify objects, etc. There are two different types of laser products, for processing system and for processing skills. The processing system includes laser generator, opto guide system, processing machinery, control system and detection system. Processing skills include cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, and other processing technology.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Laser Generators

Laser technology is playing an increasingly important role in modern society, and has applications in medical, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, genetic engineering, etc. In addition, lasers also have a wide range of applications in the military.

Lasers generally have the following types:

1. Solid-state lasers, such as ruby lasers, neodymium-glass lasers, YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet) lasers etc.. Solid-state lasers have high output energy, are small and sturdy, and have important applications in laser processing and laser weapons.

2. Gas lasers, common helium-neon lasers, co2 lasers, etc. Gas lasers are highly efficient and can work in both pulsed and continuous modes, and are often used in precision measurement, holography and other fields.

3. Liquid lasers are of great significance for spectroscopic analysis, laser chemistry and other scientific research fields.

4. Semiconductor lasers, such as potassium arsenide lasers, have a special status in applications such as communication, distance measurement and radar.

5. Fiber lasers have a wide range of applications, including laser fiber optic communication, laser space telecommunication, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, printing rollers, metal and non-metal drilling/cutting/welding , military defense security, medical equipment, or as a pump source for other lasers, etc.

In the past 10 years, Sibai has produced laser machining parts for many well-known Chinese laser companies, such as laser housings, water cooling plates, heat sinks, and various precision small-sized parts, such as QBH laser beam heads, fans cover, optical fiber outlet pipe, installation and fixing plate, core water-cooling parts, armored fixing parts, etc. There are no less than 500 kinds of various parts Sibai produced, which accumulated a lot of processing experience.

If you have CNC precision parts for laser generator products, please come to Sibai. We serve you with accuracy and efficiency.

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