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Commonly used sheet carbon steel sheet

1. Cold rolled carbon steel plate


They are generally used for stamping, deep drawing, extra deep drawing, super deep drawing. The meaning of the grade:

The first letter "S" is the abbreviation of Steel Plate. "PC" is the abbreviation of Cold Rolled Plate.  the fourth letter indicates the grade and application of the material: C for general use, D for stamping use, E stands for deep drawing, F stands for extra deep drawing, G stands for extra deep drawing.

2. Cold rolled low carbon steel plate

Grade description of DC01 generally uses the first letter "D" for Cold Rolled Plate, which is the abbreviation of Drawing steel for stamping.

The last two letters indicate the grade of the material, increasing from 01 to 07. 

DC03 for stamping; DC04 for deep drawing; DC05 for extra deep drawing; DC06 for extra deep drawing; DC07 for extra deep drawing. 

From Sibai’s experience, Sibai did a lot of DC01, S460 MC and S500 MC.

The S460 and S500 are structural steels grades with high strength, weldability. They are usually used for automobile, bridge, which bear too heavy load. Sibai has many experience on these high strength sheet carbon steel.

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Commonly used sheet carbon steel sheet

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