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  • cnc turning stainless steel
  • cnc turning stainless steel

Distance Sleeves For Injection Mould

Sibai does many years of standard accessories for Injection Moulds, such as distance sleeves. Sibai adopts centerless grinding to reach the precision, and hardens them to HRC50-54.

Specificatoin of Distance Sleeves For Injection Mould

Name:Customized Precision CNC Turning Distance Sleeves for Injection Mould
Processing:CNC Turning
Needed MachinesCNC lathe
Surface treatment:blackened (brüniert), hardened HRC 50-54
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
MOQ:100 pcs
Lead time:samples in 10-15 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Distance Sleeves for Injection Mould Features

An injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is also a tool for imparting complete structure and precise dimensions to plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in the mass production of some complex-shaped parts.

To support Injection Mould customers’ needs, Sibai provides many sizes of standard accessories, such as distance sleeves (tube parts) for Injection Mould. We provide about 50 kinds of distance sleeves for European customers. The dimension are from φ10mm*20mm to φ36mm*200mm. The thickness of the tube wall are from 1.7mm to 5mm. The material are mostly 42CrMo4. The finishing treatments are generally blackened (brüniert) and hardened to be HRC50-56.

We do these tubes by CNC Machining. With high carbon content, it is not very easy to process these tubes from 42CrMo4 raw material. The drill bit is easy to burn out when Sibai does the drilling on these tubes. When turning the outer circle, the cutting tool is easy to jump. Then the surface of these tubes are not smooth and nice. Therefore, Sibai advises to add a centerless grinding process to increase the smoothness of these tubes. After several tries, now Sibai can provide all these distance sleeves with perfect surface and good quality. Sibai provides all these kinds of tubes to European customers since year 2010.

We can also make some stocks if customers need these tubes frequently. At the beginning of the cooperation, we did 100% inspections to confirm the quality before delivery. With consistent good quality providing, SiBai now does 30~50% inspections before delivery. Maybe these tubes look simple and easy, but Sibai also keeps the focusing, precise and meticulous service attitude to deal with all these details. Therefore, Sibai has won the trust and appreciation of customers. And Sibai is ready to provide more complex and difficult tubes if other customers have this kind of needs. Sibai is ready to try.

If you have any requests about the Injection mould parts, please contact us for inquiry.


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