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Details of CNC Machining POM

  • POM, namely polyoxymethylene, is a very common engineering plastic material. Usually used for CNC machining, prototyping and injection molding.

  • Polyoxymethylene is a tough, elastic material with excellent creep resistance, geometric stability and impact resistance even at low temperatures. Polyoxymethylene is available in both homopolymers and copolymers. Homopolymer materials have good tensile strength and fatigue resistance, but are not easy to process. Copolymer materials have good thermal stability, chemical stability and ease of processing. Both homopolymer materials and copolymer materials are crystalline materials that do not readily absorb moisture. The high crystallinity of POM leads to its high shrinkage rate, which can reach 2% to 3.5%. Different reinforcement materials have different shrinkage rates.

  • POM has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, and is especially suitable for making gears and bearings. Because of its high temperature resistance, it is also used in pipeline equipment (valve, pump casing), lawn equipment, etc., and audio players such as tape recorders, CD, LD, MD players, radios, headphones, stereos, printers, keyboards, CD-ROMs and other OA machines, washing machines, dryers, hair dryers and other household appliances, seat belt mechanical parts and other auto parts, outdoor door handles , mirrors, computer rooms, precision parts for cameras, clocks, etc., and building materials, toys and stationery such as game consoles, etc.

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Details of CNC Machining POM

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