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Sibai stated to boot up the ERP system in 2017.With the ERP management, we work more efficiently, and avoid mistakes in the work.

After 5 years development, Sibai’s ERP system has already developed with full functions. It includes:

  1. System codes for all machines , all tools, all raw materials, all packaging materials, etc.

  2. All customer information, supplier information.

  3. All product information, BOM process flow, process flow chart.

  4. All order data, delivery data, shipping data, packing data, customs declaration data.

  5. Production management process: machine occupancy rate, delivery management system, and non-delivery management.

  6. Quality management: inspection report, first sample report, delivery report.

  7. Inventory management: semi-finished product inventory management, finished produdct inventory management.

  8. Raw material management.

  9. Procurement management.

  10. Financial management: accounts receivable management, accounts payable management,  main income, main cost, etc.

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