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precision cnc machining services china

Usually, when customers intend to place an order, we, Sibai sales prefer to get a official order file with signature and stamp. The order file needs to basically include the company info, item/part number and drawing number, material, surface treatment, price, quantity, delivery date, payment condition, etc.

  1. We will confirm the information of both companies, to ensure the authenticity and validity of the order. Company name and address are the important info, and should be corresponding to the info of when customer arrange the payment.

  2. We need to check, if the Item or part number and drawing number are accurate or the latest version. Sometimes, one drawing number presents different item numbers, because of different specifications. Therefore, we will distinguish it carefully, to ensure the parts we produce are the ones customers want.

  3. Material and surface treatment: this is a very important point, and is directly related to the success and failure of the order. We need to determine the specific material number, and accurate surface treatment requirements. It’s better for us to use international material number and surface treatment terminology, so that we can easily get a common understanding.

  4. Price should be the same as we offered, as well as the currency.

  5. For the quantity, in order to ensure sufficient delivered quantity, we usually buy more materials than we need, and sometimes there will be damaged or failed parts, therefore, we need the customer to permit 10% of the excess or shortage before production.

  6. Fast delivery time is not only the embodiment of our capacity, but also the embodiment of our service value. Firstly, we will take the customer's specified delivery date as reference, and then combine with our internal delivery date guidance, finally we will give a reasonable and best delivery date.

  7. Payment condition: it’s our standard process that we ask for down payment before production. Usually, we will start the production, when we get the bank slip from the customers. So fast payment is very helpful for the fast delivery.

After we confirm the above information, we can proceed to the next step: generating a new order in the ERP system.