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  • die casting components
  • custom die casting parts
  • die casting parts
  • die casting components
  • custom die casting parts
  • die casting parts

Die Casting Parts

Sibai has percentage  orders of die casting, from Aluminium alloy and Zinc alloy (Zamak) material. The die casting can realize complex inner structure by the casting die, and can make large quantity.

Specificatoin of Die Casting Parts

Name:Customized Precision Die Casting Parts
Material:Zinc alloy, Zamak, Aluminium alloy, GP-ZNAL4CU1, ADC12,
EN AC-46200 (46200-F, G-AISi8Cu3)
Zamak, Zinkdruckguss, ZP0410
Processing:die casting, CNC machining, drilling
Needed Machinesdie casting machine,
Surface treatment:Trowalisiert, KTL, powder coating, chrome-plating
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
MOQ:100 pcs
Lead time:die casting samples in 20-30 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Die Casting Parts Features

Die casting is a method, in which liquid or semi-liquid metal is injected under high pressure into the cavity of the die casting mold at a high speed, and is formed and solidified to obtain casting workpieces.

The dimensions of die castings Sibai can provide are from a few millimeters to 500 mm. The weight can range from a few grams to 50 kilograms. After die casting, most of the parts we need CNC machining and surface treatment. And the CNC machining is Sibai’s main advantage.

Sibai made various die casting parts. The die-casting materials we use are generally environmental-friendly zinc alloys and aluminum alloys. The common material Sibai uses are generally GP-ZNAL4CU1, ADC12, EN AC-46200 (46200-F, G-AISi8Cu3), Zamak, ZP0410. The surface treatment are generally galvanization, KTL, powder coating.

The die casting parts Sibai made are used in various industry, such as automobiles and motorcycles, electrical instruments, radio communications, laser generators, medical equipment, LED illustration products, locking components, etc.

The techniques of die casting molds in Sibai is relatively mature. Even if the wall of products is too thin, 0.3-0.5mm, we can make high strength and good compactness.

Our production must ensure customer’s requests, such as anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, good sealing and so on.

With more than 10 years of die casting experience, Sibai’s mature technique, efficient communication, professional engineering team and quality team ensure customer technical needs and efficient productions. Some products with high requirements Sibai does 100% test.

With ISO9001 quality system certification, Sibai has cooperated with European countries for nearly 20 years, and has winned a good reputation in the international market.

If you have any needs in die casting, please contact us at any time and provide drawings and 3D files. We will provide you with a quotation and solution within 24 hours.


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