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  • metal self tapping
  • metal tapping
  • self tapping metal
  • metal self tapping
  • metal tapping
  • self tapping metal

Metal Tapping

Sibai has 8 sets of Tapping machines.

For workpieces with large order quantities, we use CNC machining centers for drilling and tapping. The CNC machine used in Sibai is Jirfine T-7. It can realize milling, drilling and internal threads tapping.

Sibai has 10 sets of Jirfine T-7 CNC milling - tapping machines.

Features of Sibai Metal Tapping And Drilling

metal tapping

Sibai's tapping machines can both drill and tap. It is the most suitable small machine for making internal threads. It is not expensive and easy to operate.

self tapping metal

For some simple and small quantity orders, when we do not use CNC machines for drilling and tapping, we will use the tapping machines for drilling and tapping.

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