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Electric Discharge Machining in Sibai is a service used to assist CNC machining. We have one Electrical Discharge Machine and reliable partners, which equipped with more advanced Electrical Discharge Machines, and currently we mainly use it to process micro holes and deep slottings.

Electric Discharge Machining Types

Benefits of Sibai Electric Discharge Machining

  • 1

    Electric Discharge Machining is easy for the processing on materials that are difficult to process or cannot be processed by CNC machining.

  • 2

    Electric Discharge Machining is almost not affected by heat, so it can reduce the thermal impact layer and improve the quality of the workpiece.

  • 3

    Electric Discharge Machining has less waste of material, which increases energy consumption and material efficiency.

  • 4

    Electric Discharge Machining can achieve the vertical Angle of the workpiece, which is not possible to achieve by CNC machining.

Electric Discharge Machining FAQ

What is Electrical Discharge Machining process?

Electrical Discharge Machining refers to the process of using continuous moving thin metal wire (called electrode wire) to perform pulse spark discharge on workpiece to remove metal and cut into shape.

What Is The Application Of Edm?

Electrical Discharge Machining is used to process parts with the characteristics of common cavity, corner cleaning, bar, deep hole, small area mirror, etc. These EDM parts are mainly  produced for die, automobile and other industries.

What Materials Can Be Machined By Edm?

It can process any conductive material, generally hard material, or very thick plate, or complex designed parts with very small thru holes.

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