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  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

In Sibai's surface treatment processings, ultrasonic cleaning is usually the first step. After a batch of workpieces are finished from machines, they must be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine, before they go to next surface treatment process, or to packaging process.

Sibai has a medium-sized ultrasonic cleaning machine, and has fixed staff responsible for the cleaning work, mainly for surface treatment such as degreasing and removing chips from machined products.

Good Decontamination Effect Of Ultrasonic Metal Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic cleaning has a good decontamination effect. According to the product appearance, we can do hanging washing, single-piece cleaning and other methods to protect the product appearance.

  • The ultrasonic cleaning machine has its own temperature adjustment function, which is generally controlled from room temperature to about 95 °C. The specific temperature requirements during cleaning can be determined according to the conditions of the objects to be cleaned and the dirt condition. When the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is large, the sound intensity also increases, the radius and initial radius of the cavitation bubble become larger, and the cavitation intensity increases. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, which is beneficial for cleaning large items.

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