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CNC Aluminum Prototyping

  • Sibai's services for CNC prototypes are spread all over the world. 

  • After more than ten years of development, Sibai has established long-term cooperations with many European and American customers. 

  • Sibai has a skilled, sensitive, experienced, innovative and mission-oriented team. 

  • Professional prototyping technical personnel, systematic management mode and a full set of prototyping equipment ensures admirable prototyping models, so as to more accurately and timely express the creative innovation of product designers.

5-axis CNC Machining Aluminum

  • Sibai makes more and more 5-Axis CNC machining items from Aluminium. 

  • The 5-Axis CNC machiningcenter machines in China is of much cheaper price than the international big brand, so the costs for 5-Axis CNC machining is relatively competitive. 

  • The 5-Axis CNC machined Aluminium parts Sibai made are with high accuracy, high efficiency and complex geometries. 

  • The workpiece can be processed from multiple directions with the 5 directions' moving cutting tools. 

  • The 5-Axis CNC machiningcenter can produce all types of tasks and complex shapes. 

  • If you have complex designed CNC parts, please contact Sibai, and we will offer competitive prices with fast speed surface and high quality.

Application of CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

  • Hydraulic

    high precision with micrometer tolerance

  • Automation

    small quantity with fast delivery

  • Sensoring

    high precision and high surface finishing

  • Illumination
  • Automotive

    material high quality, high precision and high surface finishing

  • Consuming Eletronic

    high precision and high surface finishing

CNC Machining Aluminium Parts Gallery

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