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  • precision machined components
  • precision machining parts
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  • precision machined components
  • precision machining parts
  • cnc machine components

Precision Tiny Parts For Sensor Products

Sibai provides Precision Tiny Parts for various kinds of Sensor Products from Stainless steel and Aluminium, brass and plastic, with high surface quality.

Specificatoin of Precision Tiny Parts

Name:Customized precision CNC Machining Tiny Parts for Sensor Products
Material:Stainless steel 304, 303, 316, Aluminium 6061, POM, PTFE, PP, PA, PA66, PVC, brass, copper
Processing:CNC turning, CNC turning-milling compound, CNC machining
Needed MachinesCNC lathe, CNC turning-milling machine, CNC 3-axis machining center, CNC 5-axis machining center, CNC Swiss-type automatic Lathe, Drilling and Tapping machine
Surface treatment:blank, deburr, ultrasonic cleaning, anodizing, passivation, KTL
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China(Mainland)
MOQ:5 pcs
Lead time:samples in 7-10 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Sibai Precision CNC Tiny Parts for Sensor Products

  • Sibai makes a lot of precision tiny part for sensor products.

  • The main features of these parts are high precision and small size.

  • The sensor product is a test device that can sense the measured information and convert the information into electrical signals or other required forms of output information according to certain rules to meet the requirements of transmission, processing and storage, display, record, control information, etc. The bodies or housings of sensor products are generally produced by CNC machining from stainless steel, Aluminium, brass or plastic material.

  • Sensors are widely used in everyday objects such as touch-sensitive elevator buttons (tactile sensor) and lamps which diminish or brighten by touching the base. Sensor products are also widely used for airplanes and aerospace, cars, medicine, robotics and many other industry aspects. The functions of sensor products include sensing technology and the machinery. Sibai focuses on the mechanical processing for sensors.

  • SiBai can provide many kinds of sensor housing according to customers’ needs. We can provide these sensor housings using material like Aluminum, V2A, 1.2379, AISI316(V4A) and other materials customers require. We can provide the hard anodizing for the Aluminum sensor housings. The dimension of these sensor housing are quite different, from very small to large size. Our European customers are satisfied with these sensor housing Sibai made. Sibai can complete these sensor housing with good quality and perfect surface. Therefore, Sibai gets more and more sensor housing orders from European customers year by year.

  • Sibai is professional on CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts, customized metal parts, and other spare parts. We have precision machines to manufacture, such as CNC Machiningcenters, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Machines, Punching and drilling machines, and also a series of measurement tools. We have a professional team and we make sure you are satisfied with our products and services.

  • We focus on customer needs and satisfaction and offer quality products at good prices based on your drawings or samples. Special parts meet your special needs!

  • Our strong quality control department can control the products to meet your strict requirements, 100% check the key sizes.


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