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Sibai has many CNC parts based on extrusion profile material. Sibai cuts off the profile material, and makes further CNC machining to the finish work. The material can be Aluminium and plastic.

Profile Extrusion Types

Benefits of Sibai Profile Extrusion

  • A variety of products

    A variety of products of Sibai are used from aluminum alloy materials, such as lamp caps for lighting products, heat sinks for electronic equipment.

  • Good aesthetics and can be customized

    Sibai's aluminum profiles have good aesthetics and can be customized for various surface treatments, such as natural anodizing, black anodizing, etc. The material can be aluminum alloys such as 1000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series.

  • Various cutting processes

    On the basis of aluminum profiles, various cutting processes can also be performed, such as milling, boring, stamping, welding, etc.

  • Many plastic profiles

    In addition to aluminum alloys, Sibai also offers many plastic profiles. Sibai can choose different materials according to needs, such as PVC, PC, PP, POM, etc.

  • Different colors

    It can also provide different colors, or transparent, translucent and other appearances according to the needs of customers.

Profile Extrusion FAQ

What Is Profile Extrusion?

Profile refers to a solid straight strip of metal that has been formed and has a certain cross-sectional shape and size. Profiles have a wide variety of specifications and a wide range of uses.

What Is Extrusion In Ordering Procedure?

First, we get design drawings from customers, usually in CAD form.

We create molds for customers according to drawings. It takes generally 15 working days for us to finish the mold.

After the mold is worked out, the sample will be trialed. And the sample will be sent to the customer for production or assembly testing, as well as color and appearance confirmation. If there are no problems, the customer provides confirmation.

If there is a need to change the mold during the sample test, we will help the customer to change the mold as much as possible. But if the mold is changed too much, or completely new mold is required, we need the permission of the customer to modify or re-manufacture the mold.

Then confirm the sample again.

Next we goes to the mass production process.

What Products Are Made From Aluminium Extruded Profile?

Aluminium profiles are widely used.

1. In the industrial field, there are many applications of aluminum profiles in production, such as equipment hoods, equipment racks, fences, non-standard aluminum profile frames, aluminum profile conveyor belts, assembly lines and workbenches of automated machinery production lines.

2. In construction, the common uses are for doors and windows, curtain walls, such as interior and exterior decoration construction templates, composite doors and windows, composite aluminum panels, etc. It is mainly used because the aluminum profile material has corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, good noise resistance and good light and heat reflectivity.

3. On medical equipment, such as main frame, medical equipment, medical stretcher, bed frame,

4. Solar frame, photovoltaic bracket, solar photovoltaic components.

5. Heatsinks, aluminum heatsink has many excellent properties in many aspects.

6. For home and car equipment, such as tables and chairs, car connectors and car exterior frames, etc.

7. For LED lights and other lighting equipment.

The excellent properties of aluminum profiles, such as corrosion resistance, lightness, heat dissipation, easy plasticity and aesthetics, allow aluminum profiles to be used in many aspects of the market.

Which Type Of Polymers Are Suitable For Extrusion?

The poly material, such as PVC, PP, ABS, PC, ASA, PCTG, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PC, PETG, PMMA, PS, HIPS, 475 generally can be adopted for plastic extrusion.

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