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Besides the main processing of CNC machining, in order to fulfill the orders and complete the demanded parts, Sibai needs the auxiliary processings, like grinding, tapping, laser marking, and sawing. Then from raw material to the finished workpieces, Sibai can work out in own house.

Auxiliary Metal Processings Types

Auxiliary Metal Processings Materials

  • Auxiliary Metal Processing

    Auxiliary metal processing in Sibai mainly includes grinding, tapping, laser marking and sawing. 

  • Grinding And Tapping

    For grinding and tapping, the material can be Alulminium, stainless steel, steel, Titanium alloy, brass and bronze. 

  • Sawing

    For sawing, the material is basically aluminum, stainless steel, steel. 

  • Laser Marking

    For laser marking, basically all metal and non-metallic materials can be marked. 

Benefits of Sibai CNC Metal Processings

Benefits of Sibai CNC Metal Processings

1. Sibai has suitable high tech machines for these processings.

2. Sibai has all this processing performed with the highest standards. The production follows the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

3. Sibai's staff is experienced in plenty types of material and can provide you with products that meet your exact specifications.

4. We have the ability to quote and customize all types of precision parts, whether simple or complex metal or plastic parts.

5. Whether customers require high precision tolerances or beautiful surface finish parts, we will never let customers down.

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Metal Processings FAQ

What Is Metal Processing?

Metal processing, also referred to as metalworking, involves a wide variety of fabrication techniques for processing metal materials into goods, parts and components.

What Is Steel Processing?

Cutting and forming processing services to provide you with the custom sizes or shapes required for your specific application.

What Are The Main Types Of Metal Process?

Besides CNC lathing and CNC machining, to finish a part to meet measurement and tolerance, and surface roughness, Sibai adopts the other types of process, such as grinding, tapping, laser marking, thread cutting, EDM and sawing.

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