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cnc precision machining factory

For order processing by Sibai, it is generally divided into the following steps from customer inquiries to the completion of order.

1. Inquiry and quotation

When Sibai receives customer's inquiry with drawings and/or 3D files, we will at first clarifie the following details, what process the workpiece is made of, what material is, what the quantity is, what the requirement for surface treatment or heat treatment is, in which industry is the workpiece used, and what the technical requirements for the use of workpieces are.

If the customer can tell, what problems have occurred in the production process of the workpiece before, that will help us understand what we should pay attention to when producing. That will be great for us avoid production failure.

After we understand the above details, we will give the solution that can best meet the customers’needs , and the optimal price plan based on the inquired quantity . According to the country where the customer is located and the nearby port, we will quote the cost of sea freight, or offer the freight for international express according to the weight of the order batch. In a word, if the customer places an order in Sibai, all the possible costs involved (except import duties and import VAT) will be included in our quotation.

Generally, we will quote the price of USD/EUR and the price of RMB at the same time, so as to avoid no reference when violent fluctuating of exchange rate.

In addition, we will also write clearly the order production cycle on the quotation, that is, how long it will take for us to produce the order.

2. Sampling

Sibai will quote the sampling cost to the customer considering the cost incurred in sampling. sampling is a production confirmation of a new project before mass production. It is also the quality reference for following batch order delivery. The process of sampling will be the exploration before mass production.

Sibai’s sales representative will list the sample into the ERP system like other formal orders. Engineers analyze the processing flow and formulate a sampling plan. For general machining samples, we will complete within 3 to 10 days.

3. Order Production

After the sample is confirmed, we come to the order mass production. Sibai’s sales representative enters the order into the ERP. Engineers make BOM, analyze raw material specifications and purchasing quantity, and split the drawings into internal drawings according to the processing steps.

After being reviewed and confirmed by related departments, they become controlled drawings and arrange to process step by step according to the split drawings.

In the production, the masters and the routine inspector are responsible for production quality.

Sibai implements internal independent accounting system in the production process to ensure the accurate and efficient work of each department.

In addition to Sibai's own machining, Sibai has also many suppliers cooperating in production, which ensures high production capacity and completion within the agreed delivery period.

4. Outsourcing process, surface treatment or heat treatment

At present, all the surface treatment and heat treatment work of Sibai are completed by the professional outsourced factories that have been engaged in it for many years. Sibai is located in the Pearl River Delta, which is an industrial area with a complete industrial chain. With the cooperation of suppliers, Sibai can complete the processing services required by various customers.

5. Export, Customs declaration and logistics

When we receives an order, we first clarify the Customs declaration elements in the ERP system, so that the goods can be declared smoothly when they are shipped.

Sibai has more than ten years of experience in international logistics. No matter by sea, air, train or international express, we have many years of experience. There are stable, professional and reliable logistics companies to help us with international freight.

6. Customer acceptance

After the customer receives the goods, the goods are checked and accepted in terms of quality, quantity and packaging according to the order drawing, Sibai commercial invoice and packing list.

7. After-sales investigation

After the customer receives the goods, Sibai will check the customer's receipt situation and ask for customer's feedback.