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Precision Machining Service Capabilities

China Top-grade Precision Machining Service Supplier
Dongguan Sibai Metal Works, as a rich experienced precision machining manufacturer, provides customer ONE-STOP metal processing services. We are full of experience of various metal processings, and we provide various surface treatment according to customers' requests.

High Quality Precision Machined Products

Sibai has done more than 5,000 types of different parts in past 16 years. Sibai makes mechanical precision customized CNC parts and other metal processing parts for various products and industries.
  • Body Parts And Frames
  • Big Heatsinks And Water Colding Plate
  • Hydraulic And Pneumatic Fittings
  • Precision Instrument And Sensor Parts
  • CNC Parts For Illumination
  • Components For Locking System
  • Casting Parts
  • Sheet Metal Parts
  • Mould Standard Parts
  • Medical Device Frame
  • Shock Absorber Components
  • Customized Bearings And Gears
  • Customized Fasteners
  • Customized Nozzles
  • Profile Material

Providing Materials For Every Industry

Dongguan Sibai produces based on various metal and plastic materials. Some of the materials based on European standard are imported. We analyze the compositions of the material with material analyzer to ensure the quality.

What Makes SIBAI Extraordinary

precision machining service


Dongguan Sibai Metal Works Limited has always taken quality and promised delivery as the company's survival. As an established precision CNC machining company, Sibai has 150 CNC machining and around 100 people working in the factory. What's more Sibai invests new machines every year to enlarge the capacity, which make more and more new customers with new business come to Sibai. From 2021, Sibai took a lot of efforts to enhance the finance management and the ERP management. The scientific and high efficient ERP management is the key of Sibai's development.

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