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  • rapid prototyping cnc machining
  • machine bearing types
  • rapid prototyping cnc machining
  • machine bearing types

Machining Service In Robot

Industrial robots are multi-joint manipulators or multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical devices that are widely used in electronics, logistics, chemical industry, semiconductor, photovoltaic, lithium battery, energy industry, automobile manufacturing, medical and other industries to achieve scene coverage and other industrial fields. It has automatic function and can realize various industrial processing and manufacturing functions by relying on its own power energy and control ability. While industrial robots are developing rapidly. The research and development of robotics applications in non-manufacturing fields is also very active, which is called special robotics.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Robots

  • Robots and other intelligent machines will have broad market prospects in space and ocean exploration, agriculture and food processing, mining, construction, medical care, services, transportation, military and other fields. A robot is an automated machine that assists or even replaces human to complete dangerous, heavy and complex work, improves work efficiency and quality, serves human life, and expands the scope of human activities and capabilities. The connotation of robot technology is constantly enriched, and its application scope in human life is also expanding, which is of great importance to the national economy and national security strategic significance. It has also some intelligent capabilities similar to people or biology, such as perception ability, planning ability, action ability and coordination ability. It is a highly flexible automated machine.

  • The cast iron parts of the robot body are made of ductile iron with good comprehensive performance, and the cast aluminum parts are made of casting materials with good fluidity and are cast by metal molds. In addition to these, there are a lot of precision parts that are processed by aluminum alloy CNC.

  • Sibai has produced a large number of cast iron, cast aluminum and other parts, including those used in industrial robots. The CNC machining parts produced by Sibai are by 5-axis CNC machine tools, which meet the requirements of high precision and high finish, and can realize mass production.

  • If you have mechanical parts requirements for industrial robots, please inquiry us. thanks.

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