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Advantages of Sibai Lost Wax Casting Stainless Steel

Different from aluminum ingots for aluminum die casting, the material for stainless steel casting is derived from the recycled and smelted scraps. According to the chemical composition ratio of stainless steel, the foundry controls the input percentage of elements such as chromium and nickel, so as to obtain molten stainless steel material.

In the casting process, due to insufficient process control, some problems such as pores, blisters and cracks may occur in the process of casting stainless steel, which leaves problems for the strength, machining and surface treatment.

In Sibai's quality control on castings, we use Spectrom analyser for the raw material chemical elements. What's more, we must pay attention to the problems of pores, blisters and cracks. Sibai does detections by ray detection, ultrasonic detection, penetration detection, etc., to control the casting quality.

Subcutaneous pores are generally formed 1-2 mm under the epidermis of the casting. The reason is that the hydrogen and nitrogen gas in the molten iron is too high. By reducing the raw materials of corrosion, hydrogenation, serious oxidation, oil pollution and paint, by avoiding to adopt materials containing titanium and aluminum, by shortening the casting period, and by drying the raw materials, can the subcutaneous pore probelm be avoided or lowered down. 

What's more, the raw materials must be compacted in the melting furnace to reduce the space and reduce the inhalation of gas and oxidation of the solution. Thereby it can effectively reduce and eliminate subcutaneous pores.

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Advantages of Sibai Lost Wax Casting Stainless Steel

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