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After the material processing, Sibai does surface finishing according to the drawings requests. The main surface finishing services include galvanization, passivation, anodizing, KTL, powder coasting, polishng, sandblasting etc. Sibai is experienceful on various surface treating problems, and can provide satisfying surface quality according to customers' requests.

Surface Finishing Types

Benefits of Sibai Surface Finishing

Benefits of Sibai Surface Finishing

  • Surface finishes are applied after the CNC machining procedure and can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance. 

  • So surface treatment of metals is mainly used for: Decoration and/or reflectivity, Improved hardness (eg. for resistance to damage and wear) Prevention of corrosion. 

  • It plays an enormous role in many industries, for example automotive bodies and construction materials.

  • Our workshop primarily offers you two completely different standard surface treatment including anodizing and powder coating. Other custom surface finishes such as electroplating or polishing is to be negotiated.

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