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  • turning titanium
  • turning titanium

Tightening Disc For Injection Mould

Sibai makes Tightening discs and threaded flanges in different sizes for Injection Molds, from steel 42CrMo4, by CNC turning, and then hardens to HRC50-56.

Specificatoin of Tightening Disc For Injection Mould

Name:Customized precision CNC Turning Tightening Disc for Injection Mould
Processing:CNC Turning, centerless grinding, stamping
Needed MachinesCNC lathe, centerless grinding machine, stamping machine
Surface treatment:blackened (brüniert), hardened HRC 50-54
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
MOQ:100 pcs
Lead time:samples in 10-15 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Tightening Disc for Injection Mould Features

Some of Injection Mould customers need many kinds of Tightening Discs for their Injection Moulds. These customers usually put different dimensions but similar outshape on one drawing. The quantities vary from decades to thousands a batch. Besides Tightening disc, we also provide threaded flanges, for similar purpose of usage.

Sibai had many experience on this kind of washers. We use CNC machining process to do some kinds of round washers. The material of these round washers is in most cases 42CrMo4. With high carbon content, the cutting tool will get easily damaged during the processing. So, we need to change the cutting tool frequently. The dimension of these round washers are from dimension φ20mm*4mm to φ50mm*5mm. The surface treatment of these round washers are harded to HRC50-54 and blackening (brüniert). To ensure the good quality of surface treatment, we need to adopt steel wire to cross these round washers one by one before blackening processing. This is best way to avoid sticking between parts during the surface treatment process.

Sibai also provides some kinds of Aluminum square washers. We use AlMgSi0.5 raw material to provide these Aluminum square washers. The dimension of these square washers are from 30mm*10mm*2mm to 60mm*10mm*2mm. To protect these square washers surface well, we do nature anodizing for these squares. We produce the square washers by stamping process. We make stamping mold first and do regular maintenance on molds. Then we use this mold to stamp these square washers. With this method, we can ensure this consistent and right dimension efficiently. Although the edges of the square washers are not smooth like processing by CNC machining, the process cost by stamping is be much lower. Customers are very glad to accept these square washers with low process cost but high quality.

Both these round and square washer are simple and small parts, but it is not easy to provide these washers consistently with good quality and on time delivery. Sibai can do that. That is why customers would like to choose Sibai to provide these simple and small washers but high quality again and again.


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