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Sibai Machining Service In Precision Instruments

Precision instruments are equipment and devices used to produce and measure precision quantities, including the observation, monitoring, measurement, verification, recording, transmission, conversion, display, analysis, processing and control of precise quantities. Precision instrument is an important part of instrumentation.

Features of Sibai Machining Capabilities in Precision Instruments

  • Sibai is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of customization. Sibai is your top choice about precision instruments business. We can offer a wide range of products to meet changing market needs.

  • We are engaged in precision CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts. We can make products with materials of stainless steel, steel alloy, copper, aluminum, PEEK, bronze alloy, nylon, PTFE, etc.

  • The surface treatments we can handle including anodizing, black oxiding, powder coating, high polishing and plating.

  • In order to make sure the critical dimensions, we can make the minimum tolerance  0.005-0.01 millimeter. Our engineers are quite experienced and can give advice when you need.

  • Our workers are well-trained and follow ISO standard.

  • Sibai is also experienced on foreign trade business, so that we can carry out customized processing of products, production and improvement of processing technology, control of costs, and improvement of quality. Our company can produce the product according to the customer's demand.

  • The sales department for international business set up a bridge between Sibai and customers. We accept customer feedback on inquiries, sample progress and quality, batch orders.

  • With the delivery, we provide material certificate and measurement report for the production.

  • The shipping to Europe we can adopt oceanshipment, train and airshipping, which we adopt according to the weight and customer's urgency.

  • Choose Sibai. Then we will exceed your expectation. So if there is anything we can do or any further information you need, please contact us.

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