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What is CNC Machining Nylon?

  • Nylon is one of the more non-metallic materials used in non-standard machinery. 

  • Nylon is wear-resistant and self-lubricating, with high geometric accuracy. It can process gear bearings and other parts. 

  • High temperature resistance can reach 160 °C for continuous use. However, it is easy to absorb water and expand when immersed in water, which affects the accuracy.

  • Sibai makes some white PA 6 and PA66 parts in past orders.

The Common Uses of CNC Machining Nylon Grades


Nylon PA6

Nylon has the most superior comprehensive properties, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These properties, combined with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make PA6 a "general-purpose" material for making mechanical structural and serviceable components. For the production of mechanical system parts and maintainable parts.

Nylon PA66

Compared with PA6, PA66 mechanical strength, stiffness, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and creep resistance are better, but its impact strength and mechanical shock absorption properties are reduced, so it is very suitable for automatic lathe machining. PA66 is more widely. It is used in products that require impact resistance and high strength, such as the automotive industry and instrument housings.

Nylon PA12

PA12 is Polydodecalactam. Its basic polymerization raw material is butadiene, which can rely on the petrochemical industry. PA12 is a semi-crystalline-crystalline thermoplastic. Its properties are similar to PA11, but the crystal structure is different. PA12 is a good electrical insulating material, and like other polyamides, its insulating properties are not affected by moisture. It has good impact-resistant mechanochemical stability. PA12 has many improved varieties in plasticizing and enhancing properties. Compared with PA6 and PA66, these materials have lower melting point and density, and higher moisture regain. 

PA12 is not resistant to strong oxidizing acids. Typical applications of nylon 12 are commercial equipment such as water meters, cable sleeves, mechanical cams, sliding mechanisms, photovoltaic backplanes and bearings, etc.

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