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CNC Milling

Sibai has a total of 83 CNC machining centers, including 45 sets of 3-axis CNC, 30 sets of 4-axis CNC, 10 sets of 4.5-axis CNC, 8 sets of 5-axis CNC.

Most of the machines Sibai have are from Chinese brand of Jirfine. The biggest size is V-11. It has the workbench of 1100 x 600 x 600 mm. The speed can be 8000-12000 rpm. It is equipped with the system of FANUC or Mitsubishi. The tolerance can meet 0.005 mm, and the surface roughness can be Ra 0.8.

Another kind of typical CNC machine is Jirfine T7, which has the function of drilling and tapping. The speed can be as high as 24000 rpm.

Sibai has also Japanese Brother TC-31B machines. The spindle speed can be 16000-22000 rpm. It can be equipped with 26 cutting tools, and the workbench can be X:350mm Y: 250mm Z:350mm.

In recent years, Sibai invested very much every year on CNC machines. The capacity has been improved very fast to meet the order demands.

In past 16 years development, Sibai gained many order experiences on the fields or products from laser generator, hydraulic and pneumatic products, sensoring products, locking system, illumination, instrument etc..

What Are the Features of Sibai Custom Cnc Milling?

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Equipped With Other Auxiliary Machines

Besides of CNC machinining centers, Sibai is also equipped with turning, milling, flat grinding, CNC grinding machine, fine grinding, thread cutting and other equipments. No matter metal, or plastic materials, for large or for small batch, Sibai can finish the products with excellent performance. Sibai provides customers with precision parts that combine CNC machining, surface treatment, assembly together.

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High Accuracy And High Surface Quality

The machining dimensional accuracy of CNC machining centers can be 0.005 ~ 0.01mm, and the surface finish can reach Ra0.8, no matter how complex the workpieces are.

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High Capacity And Fast Delivery

Sibai has large amount of CNC machines. Sibai works 6 days a week, and everyday works in 2 shafts. Therefore, Sibai can arrange delivery very fast.

Sibai separates sampling and small batch orders from large batch orders. The sampling / small batch is in different workshop from large batch production. In this way, we speed up the orders, and customers' project proceeding.

For sampling orders, we deliver in 3-15 days. For batch order we deliver in 15-35 days.

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Advanced Inspection Machines

Sibai has advanced 3D Measurement machine, and also 2.5 D Measurement machines, and also Swiss TESA-HITE Measurement machine. Besides measurement machines, Sibai has spectrum material analyzer to inspect the compositions of raw material.

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High Surface Finishing Quality

Sibai can provide all the common surface finishing treatments, to finish the workpieces according to drawings surface requirements, such as galvanization, anodizing, powder coating, passivation, blackening, etc..

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Good Communication And Flexibility

Sibai has professional sales team. We have 9 sales representatives, who can communicate with customers in English smoothly. If there's any demands or changes during inquiry and order processing, we can provide customer flexible service.

Sibai CNC Machining Center List

NumberMachine nameBrandMachine typeQuantityDepartmentMachine number
13-axis 850 oily cutting CNCJirfineD-0120Machining Center DeptD9, D10, D8
23-axis drilling and tapping machine CNCJirfineD-0210Machining Center DeptD5, D12, D13, D14
JirfineTooling DeptE7, E8
33-axis 850 water-based cutting CNCJirfineD-035Machining Center DeptD15, D4
JirfineTooling DeptE3
44-axis rotary table CNC(850)JirfineD-0420Machining Center DeptD3, D11
54-axis with spindle CNCJirfineD-058Machining Center DeptD2, D16
64-axis rotary drilling and tapping machine(T7)JirfineD-0610Machining Center DeptD6, D7
75-axis CNC (3+2)(850)JirfineD-078Machining Center DeptD1
JirfineTooling DeptE1, E2, E4, E5, E6
83-axis double-workbench drilling and tapping machineJirfineD-082Machining Center DeptD17, D18

CNC Milling Services Video

Precision CNC Milling Gallery
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cnc milling precision
cnc precision milling
cnc precision milling
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