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First of all, we must understand the company's production plan and shipment plan, and then arrange for each piece of packaging.

  1. Before the packaging, we must confirm whether the cargo is confirmed by the quality staff and has a qualified label. If there is no qualified label, it must be confirmed in time.

  2. We must check the order number, whether the order product name is consistent with the product.

  3. When packaging, we must wear gloves to avoid the handprints on the product, especial for copper products.

  4. We use the qualified packaging bags (outer box, plastic tray, foam, air bubble bags, copy paper, etc.). It is necessary to use the correct and perfect packaging material to protect the goods, avoid collisions during transportation, and create unnecessary bad products. We must be very careful.

  5. We use shipping label (if the customer has the required label, we adopt customer's label;  if there is no requirement, we use Sibai's unified shipping label). After we finish the packaging, we place the package boxes in the specified positions. We must recheck whether the label and the product are consistent, to prevent the product with incorrect labels. We then stick the corresponding label. The label should be pasted on the left top on the side of the carton, clean, tidy, firm, and consistent.

  6. During packaging, we must confirm the product's appearance is complete and clean, without impurities nor staining. After the quality staff confirming the package, the packaging staff must also perform random or full inspection during packaging, to make sure the bad products are sorted out and cannot be delivered to the customers. If we sorted out bad products, we must contact the quality inspector and place them to the designated position, to avoid mixing with the next batch of qualified products.

  7. We must avoid dragging the products on the ground, but we have to adopt carrier or artificially lift to move the products.

  8. We report the packaged products to the warehouse in time and infor sales personnel for shipping arrangement.

  9. After each single product is packaged, we clean up the workhouse once, and then pack next. The garbage produced by the packaging we must clean in time to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment.

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