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In 2021 Sibai received very much orders. The turnover has been almost doubled. The year of 2021 was a very busy year for Sibai. In this condition, we invested very much to enhance the capacity. And in 2022, Sibai continued to invest machines, to enhance the delivery management for all the orders.

1.1. In March 2021, Sibai invested 2 million RMB, to set up a joint-venture company with a partner. 

It is also a new CNC processing factory. Sibai has 50% share of the company. After one year of operation, the company is developing and running in good condition. This new company helped Sibai a lot in 2021. In the first half year Sibai had received overwhelming purchasing orders, the new factory shared the production tasks, and speeded up Sibai’s delivery.

1.2. Beside the new factory, Sibai invested also very much on it's own factory. 

We had purchased 15 new CNC machines to enhance our capacity. The machines are all CNC machiningcenters, CNC Lathe-Mill compound machines. The investment of new machines has greatly enhanced our production, and accelerated our deliveries.

1.3. In order to have further development, and serve customers better and fast, in December 2021, we have rent a new production workshop (at next gate). 

Then, we have more working space, and we will have a good organization on the productions. In the last month, we have ordered 8 new machines for this new workshop, including 4 high-speed machines, with double workbenches. This is an investment for new year, so that we get ready for good start of the new year 2022.

1.4. And in 2022, Sibai continued to invest 10 machines. 

They are all 5 Axis CNC machiningcenter, to meet the capacity for all the orders. Because in 2022, Sibai has put order delivery as a key performance in the production management.

About Sibai Investments and Factory Expansion Since 2021

About Sibai Investments and Factory Expansion Since 2021

About Sibai Investments and Factory Expansion Since 2021

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