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  • cnc gear machining
  • custom gear machining
  • gear machining
  • cnc gear machining
  • custom gear machining
  • gear machining

Gear Machining

In Sibai, for most of the gear processing we adopt hobbing. In addition to gear hobbing, there are some other gear processing methods.

Gear machining is an extremely complex process. Every part of the production process must be extremely precise. 

Gear Hobbing Has the Following Advantages

gear machining

Some gear manufacturing processes take a long time, but gear hobbing is relatively fast. The machine is simple, so it doesn't require much operational attention. For some gears, we can stack multiple units to hob at the same time.

cnc gear machining

It is easy to operate a gear hobbing machine. With a right expertise, gear hobbing can be very accurate, resulting in high-quality gears.

custom gear machining

There is many different kinds of hobs, to meet professional applications.

cnc gear

Although gear hobbing is usually used for spur gears, the process can also be used for various other gears such as cycloidal gears, helical gears, worm gears, ratchets, splines and sprockets. It just need to adopt right hob tools.

Most Common Methods Of Gear Machining

Gear shaping

Gear shaping adopts a gear tool, which continuously reciprocates up and down to cut the shape of the gear on the surface of the workpiece. The shaper tool will turn forward as it moves, and the workpiece will turn at the same speed and direction. In this way, a workpiece will be cut into a gear that is fully meshed with the gear shaping tool.

Gear milling

Gear milling adopts a shaving cutter to freely mesh with the gear to be processed. By means of the relative sliding between the two, very fine chips are shaved from the tooth surface to improve the accuracy of the tooth surface.

Gear hobbing

Hobbing is a way meshing a pair of helical gears. The gear hob is a helical gear with a large helix angle. Because the number of teeth is small and the teeth are very long, a worm with a small helix angle is formed around the shaft. After slotting and shovel teeth, it becomes a cutting edge. and hob in the rear corner. The hob produces teeth on gears and splines.

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