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  • edm wire cutting
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  • edm wire cutting
  • wirecut edm

EDM Wire Cutting

Wire cutting is one kind of auxiliry processing in Sibai. It plays an important role on some critical products. For example, for narrow slot or tiny holes, we adopt wire cutting processing to realize.

For below such a narrow slot, it is only 2.8 mm wide and 20.8 mm long. We adopt wire cutting .

In our production, we use Electrical discharge wire cutting  to process the slot of the stainless steel spindles. Due the special structure, we are unable to process it by traditional machining, and we have to choose Wire cutting. We have processed many similar spindles with various specifications.

Features of Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining

electrical discharge wire cutting

Electrical discharge wire cutting is a non-traditional machining, which mainly uses electric energy to realize the processing of materials. Electrical discharge wire cutting is not limited by material properties, and can process any hardness, strength, brittle materials. There is no significant mechanical chip force in the processing, regardless of how the hardness and stiffness of the work piece is, as long as the materials are conductive or semi-conductive, it can process. But it can not process non-metallic conductive materials. Electrical discharge wire cutting is widely used in machining production by the advantages of high machining accuracy, high production efficiency, low power consumption and low manufacturing cost.

edm wire cutting

In the same time, there are two notable disadvantages.

One is, if the workpiece is too thick, it is difficult for working fluid to enter and fill the discharge gap, which will affect machining accuracy and surface roughness.

The other is, in the process of machining, there may be cracks and deformation on the surface of the work pieces. Therefore, before processing, proper heat treatment and rough machining should be carried out to eliminate the defects of material properties and blank shape, to improve the machining accuracy.

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