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  • metal sawing
  • precision saw cutting
  • sawing metal
  • precision sawing
  • sawing steel
  • metal sawing
  • precision saw cutting
  • sawing metal
  • precision sawing
  • sawing steel

Metal Sawing

Sibai currently has 8 sawing machines:

Chenlong-automatic band saw: mainly for large-sized iron, steel, copper materials above D80.

Chenlong-manual band saw: for a small amount of iron, steel.

Taiwan - automatic band saw: mainly for iron, steel, copper with large specifications above D80

Hewang-automatic circular saw: mainly for large quantities of aluminum.

Hewang-Manual circular saw: mainly for plastic materials and a small amount of aluminum.

Ningboyi-automatic circular saw: mainly for iron materials, steel materials, copper materials below D75.

At present, the existing sawing machines are enough to meet the production arrangements. For some small orders, or large size of plates, we often directly purchase the sawed single blocks.

Features Of Sibai Metal Sawing

sawing metal

Sawing is the first process in the conventional machining production. The purchased whole bar, tube, rows, and plates need to be cut into pieces before they are transferred to the machining process.

metal sawing

At present, Sibai has sawing machines including band saws and circular saws, and both types of sawing machines include manual type and automatic type, so that we can adopt right sawing machines according for particular orders, according to material, block size, and sawing length and tolerance requirements, etc.

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