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  • zinc galvanized
  • galvanized nickel
  • zinc galvanized
  • zinc galvanized
  • galvanized nickel
  • zinc galvanized


Galvanization is the most common surface treatment in Sibai.

In Sibai, majority of steel products require zinc plating, such as S355 JR, DC01 St 52, etc to be zinc plating blue passivated.

The zinc plating may follow the standard of DIN 50979, and DIN 50961, environmental-friendly without CrVI. For example, DIN50979-Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0.

Many brass products require nickel plating. Some copper products, customers require to plate with gold color.

In Sibai, we have salt spray Tester to test the galvanization effect. Some chrome plating, we have to test 720 hours to ensure no rust.

Rapid Galvanization Services

  • With the development of of science and technology, the galvanization finish is very common to our lives. Galvanization is a popular surface treatment, including electroplating for materials of copper, aluminum, steel, etc.

  • Galvanization is a process by which a layer of metal film is uniformly attached to metal and other materials by electrolysis. Galvanization is mainly used to increase the wear resistance of the workpiece, prevent corrosion, increase the thickness, and improve the aesthetics of the plated object.

  • The galvanization process is a process in which the workpiece is placed in the electrolyte, the workpiece is energized as the cathode, the electroplated metal in the container is energized as the anode, and the coating is obtained through chemical reaction. The plating layer after galvanization should be uniform and dense, with a certain thickness, so that the galvanization layer and the surface of the workpiece can be isolated from the air and play a protective role.

  • Galvanization is divided into rack plating and barrel plating.

  • Rack plating is to clamp the workpiece on the hanger, which is suitable for workpieces with high precision and strict appearance requirements.

  • Barrel plating, also known as barrel copper plating, is suitable for smaller workpieces. The small workpiece is placed in the rolling copper, and the coating is deposited on the surface of the workpiece under the rolling state by indirect conduction.

Galvanization Services Video

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