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  • metal oil painting
  • metal oil painting


The polishing methods commonly used in Sibai are: sandpaper polishing, grinding wheel polishing and electrolytic polishing.

The Metal Polishing Methods Commonly Used In Sibai

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Grinding wheel polishing is the most commonly used polishing method in Sibai in house. For the exposed surface of some workpieces, we adopt grinding wheel polishing to realize mirror polish according to customer needs.

Sibai has two grinding wheel polishing machines, and has specific staff responsible for the polishing work.

The grinding wheel polishing is for mirror polishing on surfaces of copper parts, aluminum parts, and stainless steel parts.

In addition, for some stainless steel, Aluminium, or copper parts, Sibai will also use electrolytic polishing to improve the brightness and finish of the surface.

Electrolytic polishing is chemical polishing, an electrochemical finishing process that removes a thin layer of material from a metal surface, the process leaving a smooth, ultra-clean surface on the metal surface. Electrolytic polishing is particularly suitable for polishing and deburring products with complex geometries.

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Sandpaper polishing and wheel polishing are physical polishing. It is the use of sandpaper or grinding wheel to reduce the roughness to obtain a smooth and shiny metal surface.

The types of sandpaper commonly used by Sibai are: 180# - 240# - 320# - 400# - 600# - 800# -1000#. Sandpaper polishing is mainly used for rust removal, grinding, polishing and deburring of metal surfaces. It is a way for pretreatment stage of surface treatment.

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Compared with physical polishing, electrolytic polishing has many advantages, such as the ability to obtain a smooth surface with a uniform luster, without the fine lines that appear during grinding and polishing, and the process of electrolytic polishing without applying pressure to the product.

Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process, which can be considered as reverse electroplating. It uses electric current to dissolve a thin layer of metal ions into the electrolyte solution, so that the metal ions on the surface of the workpiece are oxidized and dissolved into the electrolyte. It dissolves very small amounts of metal, enabling micron and thick

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