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  • black oxide coating
  • black oxide coating

Black Oxide Coating

Blackening treatment is a commonly used chemical surface treatment process. It mainly blackens steel and iron parts to improve the anti-rust ability of steel and iron parts, thereby enhancing the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, stability of workpieces and keeping the workpiece beautiful.

The blackening process is widely used, mainly in the fields of automobiles and freighters, and is commonly used process in Sibai.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of oxidative corrosion on the surface of various metal products after long-term contact with air, blackening uses a variety of chemical substances to produce chemical reactions on the metal surface, so that a layer of 0.5-1.5 micron black oxide film is attached to the surface of the workpiece. It improves the anti-rust ability of the workpiece by isolating the air, increases the surface gloss without fading, and makes the workpiece more beautiful. The commonly used blackening methods include traditional alkaline blackening and normal temperature blackening, which are widely used in various fields.

The Process and Precautions of BBlack Oxide Surface Treatment

black oxide coated

Oil removal

Oil removal is a very important part of the blackening process. If the oil removal is not thorough, it will affect the appearance of the workpiece after blackening.

black oxide coating services

Rust removal

If there is rust on the surface of the workpiece, it will also affect the appearance of the workpiece, so rust removal is also very important in the blackening process.

black oxide surface treatment


Soak the workpiece after removing oil stains and rust with water and put it in the blackening solution for 1-3 minutes. The workpiece can be taken out after the color of the workpiece is uniform and does not fade.

black oxide metal coating

Anti-rust closing

The removed workpiece is washed with water and then soaked in anti-rust oil for sealing. Its purpose is to further improve the corrosion resistance and gloss of the oxide film.

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