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  • titanium machining parts
  • titanium machining parts

CNC Titanium Machining

Sibai has years of customized Titanium CNC machining experience, such as material TC4, TC2, and can do complex geometry designed Titanium machining parts, and control the precision and surface well.

Sibai did many CNC Titanium housings for sensor products. Titanium is very expensive material. Titanium’s characteristics are low density (light in weight) but high strength and corrosion resistance. The Titanium products are mainly used in aircraft, automobiles, medical machinery and other high-tech equipments.

CNC Titanium Machining Parts Specificatoin

Name:Customized Titanium CNC Processing Machining Parts
Material:Titanium Alloy, TC4, TC2
Processing:CNC turning, CNC machining, milling, grinding
Needed MachinesCNC 3-axis machining center, CNC 4-axis machining center, CNC 5-axis machining center, CNC Lathe, Drilling machine
Surface treatment:Deburr, ultrasonic cleaning, passivation
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China(Mainland)
MOQ:1 pcs
Lead time:samples in 7-10 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Sibai CNC Machining Titanium Parts Features

  • Titanium is one of the most difficult materials for CNC machining.

  • Titanium has an excellent strength but it’s density is only 60% of steel’s. Titanium has a lower elasticity than steel, so it is stiffer and flexure is better. Titanium is also more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel and has low thermal conductivity. These properties mean that titanium creates higher and more concentrated cutting forces during machining. It is easy to vibrate and cause chattering during cutting. Titanium material is also prone to react with the cutting tool material during cutting. In addition, Titanium has poor thermal conductivity, and since the heat is mainly concentrated in the cutting zone, the cutting tools must have high thermal hardness.

  • Sibai controls the precision and difficulty of production carefully. We often have to separate into more than ten or twenty steps of processings to produce complex Titanium components. We adopt 3-axis, 5-axis CNC machines to do the rough cutting, adopt CNC lathe to create holes, use milling machines to drill inclined holes, and use flat grinding machines to grind the bottom surface. The finished products we make are precise and elegant. We make a smooth surface, without oil stains, scratches and burrs.

  • Every processing procedure on Titanium alloy is not simple. With our professional team with more than ten years of rich processing experience, Sibai, a reliable precision cnc machining company, realizes such kind of difficult products.

  • We always insist on working closely with our customers to develop new products and provide custom titanium machining parts. What you design, what Sibai works it out. From samples to batches, we will provide the best service, best quality and delivery time, and help customers create great value with lowest cost.


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