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  • custom gear manufacturer
  • custom gear manufacturer

Customized Gears

Sibai provides gear part according to customers' need. We provide these gears according to DIN 867 standard.

Specificatoin of Custom Made Gears

Name:Customized Precision CNC Machined Gears
Material:C45, 40Cr, 1214, 303(SUS303), 304(SUS304), 20CrMnTi, 16MnCr5, 16MnCrS5
Processing:Sawing, Turning, hobbing, deburring, shaving, grinding
Needed MachinesSawing machine, CNC lathe, hobbing machine, deburring machine, grinding machine, 4-axis CNC machine,
Heat treatment and surface finishing:gas nitrided (gasnitriert), quenched, tempered, Phosphating, black oxide finish,
Place of origin:Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
MOQ:100 pcs
Lead time:samples in 15-20 days
Delivery:UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx; airway or oceanshipment

Customized Gears Features

A gear is a device that transmits power during mechanical operation. It is a facility that transmits the power generated by the source of the power plant to other parts, such as the engines and waterwheels that we use every day.

Gears are mechanical elements with teeth on the rim. Gears are mechanical parts that can mesh with each other by teeth. They can continuously mesh to transmit motion and power. In general, the diameter of the large gear is twice the diameter of the pinion.

These gear are used for manufacturing, car and metallurgy field.

Sibai provides gear part according to customers’ need. The material of these gear are 16MnCrS5. And the surface are blackened (brüniert). The module is 4, and the number of teeth is 10. We provide these gears according to DIN 867 standard. The dimension are from φ45*58 to φ48*40.5. It takes relative long time to complete these gears parts, because we need to spend long time on hobbing the teeth. After that, we need to deburr the teeth. To provide these gears with good quality, we must carefully control the teeth. Sibai can process the teeth very precisely now after almost 10 years’ efforts. Now the customers are satisfied with the gears made by Sibai.


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