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  • edm drilling
  • electric discharge drilling
  • edm drilling
  • electric discharge drilling

EDM Drilling

EDM drilling is one of Sibai;s auxiliary processing.

When we drill the small holes, micro holes, deep holes and the holes in very hard work pieces, traditional drilling is difficult to do that, we adopt EDM drilling. EDM drilling is the best choice for such condition.

Features of Electric Discharge Drilling

edm drill for sale

EDM drilling is not limited by the hardness of metal materials, which can be used for processing super hard steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum and any conductive material. It can use high-pressure and high-speed working fluid to quickly discharge the electric erosion material from the processing area, thereby creating favorable conditions for increasing the electric erosion speed of EDM drilling. Generally, the electrolytic erosion speed is 20-60mm/min, so the speed of EDM drilling is much higher than that of mechanical drilling. It is especially suitable for the processing of small holes of Φ0.3~Φ3mm, and the ratio of hole depth to diameter can reach 300:1.

Below the drawing, we adopt EDM drilling to create Φ0.8 and Φ0.2 holes.

cnc drilling edm

In our production, we use EDM drilling to process the micro holes Φ0.2mm and Φ0.8mm, which is the oil or air holes of the sleeves used for hydraulic or pneumatic valve body. Our customer has very high precision requirements with these components. We use this advantage of EDM drilling to help the customer solve this technical difficulty of products, and win many important projects.

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