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In 2021, Sibai did a lot of efforts to improve the managements

Sibai's Management Improvements

1. Equity Reforming

1.1. In order to enhance the team efficiency and the long lasting development, Sibai had carried out equity reforming in the middle year of 2021. That is, the boss has distributed some percentages of equity to the key managing personnel to motivate them to work for Sibai for a better and longer time. In order to motivate the managers to perform better and take more responsibilities, we have formulated KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goals for every manager.

1.2. What's more, we also proposed the company development strategy for the coming 5 years and summarized the corporate culture. After that, the working enthusiasm has been stimulated, and our team has become more boosting. And this also helped to absorb competent and experienced people to enlarge our team.

Sibai's Management Improvements

Our Sibai's Goal is, To be with the competitiveness on technology innovation, quality control and managing improvement. To become a learning and innovative enterprise, and to control the management with finance. To be a supplier that continuously outputs value for customers.

Sibai's Management Improvements

2. The Enhancing of Finance System, and the Upgrade of ERP system

2.1. In order to present the company's accounting accurately and to calculate the costs, and profitability more clearly, our company had done a lot of work on finance rectifications.

We did a lot of work on regulating finance workflow. We rebuilt up the finance regulations, and changed the working methods which didn’t comply with the Accounting Standard in the past.

We also took an account of stock at the end of the year, for exact inventory for new year.

These series work helped improve our finance control, and made the workflow more efficient. It also helped lower the tax auditing risks.

2.2. Beside the finance, we also did a lot of efforts on the ERP upgrading.

In our ERP system, we have nearly 5,000 different items. The data for all the items are growing faster and faster in our system. In order to enhance the management, and enhance the working efficiency, we have to upgrade ERP system.

It took us a long period and a lot of efforts, to improve the engineering, inventory management, finance data, supplier management, etc.

We were recently recoding all the materials and articles in the factory, so as to re-launch the ERP system.

This made the ERP provide more effective data, and help managers improve management and help employees work more efficiently.

Sibai's Management Improvements

3. About Production Management

In order to enhance our production management, we did a series of work.

3.1. We did the 7S rectification on the whole factory.

(The 7S Rectification : Reorganization (Seiri); Consolidation (Seiton); Clearing (Seiso); Cleaning (Seikeetsu); Attainment (Shitsuke); Safety; Saving)

Sibai's Management Improvements

3.2. We have had the conferences, to manage the quality control. We also summarised of past failures and lessons into documents, which can pass on the experiences to instruct the future work.

3.3. We have had the conferences, to discuss how to speed up the deliveries, and finally find the solutions to manage the deliveries. As the email we sent to you recently, we will do everything best to control the deliveries. We will have strict management on the delivery catching rate.

3.4. In order to raise the awareness of safe production, we conducted fire drill and hazardous chemicals leakage prevention drill last month.

Sibai's Management Improvements

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