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precision cnc components
Dispensing System
Sibai can provide CNC machining precision parts for automatic dispensing machines to meet the high-precision requirements of automatic dispensing machines. Whether it's dispensing valves, flow meters or automated body parts, Sibai can provide machining solutions.
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precision cnc machined components
Hydraulics And Pneumatics
Sibai is proficient in machinery, and has done a lot of machining parts for customers, who specializes in electric components, pneumatic components, hydraulic components, hydraulic systems, hydraulic stations, including parts for hydraulic pump pistons, piston rods, and Parts of gas-liquid booster cylinder, etc.
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precision cnc machined parts
Stepper Motor
Sibai procudes the housings for stepper motors. After years experience, sibai now can provide the stepper motorr housings in large quantities in sured lead time.
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Plastic Injection Mold
Plastic Injection Molds
Sibai has made some Plastic Injection Molds for many years, and complex surfaces such as two-dimensional or three-dimensional are welcome to consult or customize.
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precision cnc part
Automobile And Motorbycle
Sibai has started to provide automotive and motorcycle customers in Germany, the United States and other European and American countries with a variety of auto parts machining, motorcycle parts production, and auto prototype customization services.
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precision cnc part
Sibai has a lot of experience in processing automation hardware, and can provide high-quality production services for customers in the automation industry.
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