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With the increasing level of intelligent production, the use of 5-axis machining centers is becoming more and more widespread in industries such as rail transportation, aerospace, solid wood furniture production, mold/sculpture production, and new energy/RV production.

The machining efficiency and precision of 5-axis machining centers are very high, and they can finely process and produce various complex parts. So, how should 5-axis machining center equipment be operated? What should be noted during the production operation of 5-axis machining centers?

  • Although the 5-axis machining center is an intelligent production equipment, some manual work is still needed in the early stage, such as checking whether the clamping is normal and whether the tool is in place. These all need to be checked carefully by the operator. Especially for beginners, they should not only watch the master operate and check, but also personally operate and get familiar with the equipment's performance and clamping principles. Don't just stay in theory, but practice more.

  • 5-axis machining centers belong to high-precision intelligent production equipment, and operators must be careful to avoid damage to the equipment by not being able to detect problems. For example, when installing the tool, the size of the tool must be strictly replaced in accordance with the machining instructions, and cannot be installed with the wrong tool. The parameter settings of the control system should also be carefully checked by the operator.

  • Pay attention to the drawing when doing 5-axis machining. The machining requirements of the workpiece for 5-axis machining are clearly marked on the drawing, and the size of the machined workpiece must correspond to the size on the drawing. If it is necessary to measure during the machining process, the equipment must be completely stopped to prevent injury to the operator. Look at the drawing more, observe more, and measure more to ensure the production pass rate of the 5-axis machining center.

  • Safety production of 5-axis machining centers. This consciousness is needed when operating any equipment, strictly following the equipment operation specifications to form a good safety consciousness.

Although the 5-axis machining center is an intelligent production equipment that brings great convenience to various industries and fields of intelligent production, it still requires manual operation, which will ultimately affect the production accuracy of the equipment. Therefore, operators need to have a good operating standard during the use process.