Precision CNC Machining, Prototyping and Metal Components Fabrication from China Since 2006

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The Advantages Of Sibai Precision


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. A great man is always willing to be very little.

Over 20 years’ Experience

Our people have Over 20 years’ Experience in Metal Processings.

Strict QC Managements

We have Material Analyzer to ensure right material. We have Projectors to ensure measurements.

Quality Consistency

Because of strict QC Management, we supply customer the consistent qualified products.

Wide Range of Quantities

We accept both Rapid Prototype , and Mass Production orders.

ERP System

We work with the ERP managing system in the whole company.

Fast Delivery

We have about 60 CNC machines, 100 people in 2 shafts, to ensure large capacities all year long.

About Sibai

Sibai Precision Works Limited established in 2006, is located in Tangxia, Dongguan, China, which specializes in CNC machining and CNC Lathing in series production, and CNC precision prototyping. And in order to make more possibilities to meet the customers’ demands, we can also offer stamping, die castings, lost wax castings, lasercutting etc. The customized precision metal components Sibai made are mostly exported to European and American markets. The parts are generally used for the fields of big laser machines, other machines, Instruments, Automation, Medical devices, Camera housing, electronic products, and so on.

Currently our factory occupies the working area over 5,000㎡. We have a over-100-member group which is professional on mechanical research, design and production. And we have total over 80 CNC machines and other machines. All the inspection devices we have.


Our factory has passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality system authentication.

To serve and support our customer with strict and stable qualify is our pursue. The enthusiasm on technique, the goal on perfect and refinements on our parts, as well as the spirit of research are always the keys we keep. We pursue not only precision, but also good surface appearance on the parts.
The in-depth production control has become a key part of plant management.In daily work, we do incoming inspection for all the purchased material. We keep doing daily routine measurement records for each step of production. And we make final inspection reports for each item before delivery. All the working steps we pay careful attention, from material procurement, processing, cleaning to packaging and shipping.


Not only quality, but the good delivery time is also always important for us and ensures the customers’ benefit.
What’s more, the value-added services, such as helping customer to redesign drawings, assembly, and sampling, etc, are always what we like to do.


We prefer to have the long-term supply for the customers, to work with our customers side by side, and to keep on the stable business. The long-term trust from our customers is the value we pursue. And the appreciation from our customers is the happiness we obtain.


Development History


Our Equipment

We can also offer stamping, die castings, lost wax castings, lasercutting etc.


Our Mass Production

And we have total over 80 CNC machines and other machines. All the inspection devices we have.


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